18fa osht 1316 w30c material handling

Big Blue Documentary OSHA 30
Watch VideoBig Blue Documentary OSHA 30Duration: 15:21 User: n/a – Added: 1/18/16Mechanical Lifting incidents can happen anywhere, and anytime.

DB3: Materials Handling Incident

Discuss with your fellow learners, a mechanical materials handling incident, this can be a firsthand event or a current event you find in the news or on a safety magazine website:

Identify who was involved (you don’t have to name names);
Identify the hazardous condition or hazardous act that resulted in an accident;
Identify the injury that resulted due to the accident; and
Discuss the costs of the incident – lost time, medical costs, physical pain/suffering, etc.

Make at least two response posts to other learners in the class. After reading their incident description, discuss control measures that could have prevented the incidents.

A4: What went wrong?
Attached Files:

A4 What went wrong Scenarios.docx (18.872 KB)

Evaluate 1 of the attached scenario incidents from each of the materials-handling equipment categories – pallet jack, forklift, and materials cart. Summarize the incident and discuss the following information:

Determine where they failed to follow basic safety guidelines.
Determine the control measures that should be provided to prevent further incidents.
Review the OSHA regulations (most are noted in your study guide) and summarize where the companies were out of compliance.

CT1: Training for Materials Handling
Attached Files:

OSHA 2254_Training Requirements by Standard.pdf (5.67 MB)

Choose one of the scenarios from assignment A4: What went wrong? . Review the OSHA regulations, and create a PowerPoint discussing the training that pertains to this equipment. Attached is OSHA Publication 2254 – Training Requirements by Standard. Utilize this information – make sure you look across the industry regulations to determine what applies to the scenario.

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