2- 3 Pages Summary Assignment

Follow Guidelines and Rubric:

We continue our journey through the research process by looking at the results of data analysis. The lesson explores how researchers test and interpret data that were collected on the sample. You will need to download the Class Survey Hypothetical Results from the Optional Resources to Enhance Learning page and discuss them in the discussions.
As you begin preparing for the Nutrition Feeding and Eating Assignment, it is important to realize that the Assignment consists of completion of a 2-3 page summary. Although you are required to access the Nutrition Feeding and Eating module, you are not required to complete this module/quiz. This is optional and completion of this quiz will not count toward your Core Grade. However, completion of the 2-3 page summary is required and is included in the Core Grade. Please find the attached instructions to help you prepare for completion of this assignment.
View and read any relevant resource material to help you better understand the concept or solve the problem(s) given. To complete this assignment log into ATI and select the “Learn” tab. Click on Skills Modules, and then click the “Nutrition Feeding and Eating” module. Click on the “lesson” tab and then open the “Evidence Based Research” tab at the top of the page. You are not required to complete the module but you must complete a 2-3 page summary to submit. Please review the below instructions in its entirety for additional guidance on how to complete this assignment. Please reach out if you need any additional guidance.
Remember the upcoming group assignment in Unit 7, and please contact me with any questions or concerns as your group works toward the goal of this project.
As always, if you have questions, please post them to the Q & A Forum, where you and your classmates may view my responses.

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