2 page draft for wed

–2 Page Draft due on Wednesday Dec 5th morning 6AM
–Final 5-7 page essay due on Monday Dec 10th morning 6AM

Write a 5-7 page essay, following MLA format, on one of the following:
1. What is an anti-hero, and why is the narrator Notes from Underground an important example of the anti-hero in contemporary literature?
2. How is Notes from Underground emblematic of the “unreliable narrator” concept,and what is Dostoevsky’s point in making him so “unreliable”?
3. According to the Underground Man (and Dostoevsky?), why does every attempt to create Utopia lead, inevitably and inexorably, to Dystopia?
4. How does Part II explain the identity of the Underground Man in Part 1?

Quote from both the primary text and outside critics. Summarizing is acceptable as long as the summary is in service of a thesis. Outside research and quotation from scholarly sources is required. Be sure to also include a correctly formatted works cited page.
You can use easy language like High School level, no complex words. Thank you!!

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