Create an 8- to 12-slide presentation examining the life of prisoners

Create an 8- to 12-slide presentation examining the life of prisoners. Before you start work on this power point, please read the power point presentation instructions in my Instructor Policies. Many students omit the speaker notes and put all of their information on the slides. Slides should contain only 6-7 lines of text. These should be large, easy to read bullet points for main ideas. All explanatory information belongs in the notes. Include the following in the presentation:* A brief comparison of jail and prison inmates* A brief comparison of male and female inmates’ backgrounds* A brief comparison of state and federal inmates, including the difference between prison life in private and nonprivate prisons* An explanation of how prison life has changed over time* A description of the extent and nature of prison violence* A description of the extent and nature of prisoner litigation* Two recommendations that will positively affect the life of prisonersaddress the increasing violence and variations of violence in prisonslimit prisoner litigation issuesIncludespeaker notes for each slide.Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.Slides should only have bullets points and speaker note is where you place your explanation

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