Write an essay of 4 to 6 pages (typed, double space, using twelve point font) on the influence of progressive education on American schooling, including up until the present time.

Common Assignment for EdSE600, History and Philosophy of Education and Special EducationWrite an essay of 4 to 6 pages (typed, double space, using twelve point font) on the influence of progressive education on American schooling, including up until the present time. Include a thesis statement of your position on just how important and extensive the influence of progressive education has or has not been on American schooling and support your thesis with your essay. “Your essay should include discussion of the following questions: a) How and why did progressive education develop at the close of the nineteenth and the start of the twentieth century? b) What were educators responding to in schools and society that influenced the development of progressive education? c) What were the aims of education for Dewey and how might they be most effectively achieved? d) What is required of teachers who would effectively implement Dewey’s approach? e) How were Dewey’s theories and methods implemented in actual school systems?f) What is the viability of the Dewey’s approach to education in today’s schools? g) What have been countervailing trends in education that have pointed in different directions than those pointed toward in progressive education? h) How has progressive education affected the profession and role of teachers? i)What implications can be found in Dewey’s approach to teaching and learning for students with disabilities? j) How does the Dewey’s approach compare with the approach of Vygotsky?and please answerDiscussion #6:From Dewey’s Education and Experience (in Cahn),Discussion #6- Discussion #6:From Dewey’s Education and Experience (in Cahn), a) Define experience in Dewey’s terms and discuss what he has to say about educationally constructive experience. b) What does Dewey regard as the role of the teacher and the skills needed by the teacher who is to educate children along the lines he advocates? c) How might Dewey’s approach to education be considered an education for constructive citizenship in a democracy like our own? The entire work, a late and very important statement of Dewey’s ideas on education, is included in Cahn. Your response should include extensive reference to Dewey’s work as well as to the chapter on Dewey in Gutek (chapter 20).

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