1. What is the major argument or idea? Give one example from My Real Name is Hanna where this argument or idea applies.

 My Real Name is Hanna (book) from Tara Lynn Masih

For this journal, your journal should include responses to Seto and Ching. Remember to use citation where appropriate.and reference the novel with citation where it is called for.

1. What is the major argument or idea? Give one example from My Real Name is Hanna where this argument or idea applies.

2. A definition of the most important concept: Select what you think is the one most important concept or idea to emerge from this reading, film, or lecture and provide a short definition of this concept, in your own words. How do you see this concept within the novel?
4. How does your reading of My Real Name is Hanna help your understanding of the ideas expressed in Seto and Ching
Then, answer the following about My Real Name is Hanna
How does the novel provide an insider perspective of the culture?
Give an example of a time when the characters must negotiate their own culture within the dominant culture.
Give an example of how cultural attitudes are challenged in the novel?
What stereotypes exist to cast the characters as “outsiders” or “others”?
What did you take away from the novel?
Your responses should reference the text specifically where appropriate and you MUST use correct citation. Lastly, your journal should be proofread and edited to be free of grammatical, punctuation, and sentence structure errors. I encourage you to continually read and re-read the course objectives in order to stay focused.

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