3 part marketing project

You will have to do three part project about the company Ralph Lauren
The first Part go to the brand website and go to two stores of different types and identify:
1. The brands of product offered as well as your brand – this will be your breadth/width
2. Within your brand, what varieties are offered at each store? This is your depth.
Compare and contrast. How are they similar/dissimilar. Any surprises to you? If one store has more depth and/or breadth, why do you think this is (one or two sentences)
For example:
Turkey Hill had quite a bit fewer varieties of Oreos than did Wegmans. There were also fewer lines of cookie brands at TH than Wegmans. I believe this is because of the difference in target markets. Wegmans is targeting people who are looking for choice, as well as a shopping experience, while Turkey Hill is targeting people who are looking for convenience and/or a quick snack.
second part of the project is pricing.
For each of the stores, and for the product category you are evaluating, the incentives and allowances and extra fees, the Legal and ethical considerations, the adjustments to the price. Explain which you see in each of the two different types of stores (one can be online). Are the same ones used in both or are the pricing methods different?
Did you see any forms of deceptive/illegal/unethical pricing? If so, what?
This should look like:
Store 1
Price bundling: This store offered a price if I bought Oreos and milk together (or gave a coupon to buy both together).
Markdown: This store had a sale on springtime Oreos of $.25. There were also sales on the 8oz packages of Oreos in the form of a BOGO.
In Store 2 I saw a few things I thought were deceptive. I noticed that for their BOGO the price for the ‘one’ was 3 times higher than the price of the same item in Store 1, and I seem to remember that when I was here last week it the same product was priced significantly less.
Third part is communication.
What information was communicated about the products you evaluated, and how was it communicated. The communications might include (but is not limited to) signage, packaging, salespeople, advertising in the store, and so on. In K-mart you might hear about the ‘blue light special’ (do they do that still?)
What ‘noise’ did you encounter in each store (or online)? There is more to ‘noise’ than what is audible. For example, small print is noise for me now, as I cannot read it as well as I used to.
Ex.: For Oreos there was a special end-of-aisle display promoting spring colored Oreos. There were shelf tags communicating pricing, including unit price (per pound). At Turkey Hill the only communications about Oreos were the shelf tabs communicating package price. No unit pricing was communicated. This might be perceived to be deceptive as it makes it difficult for consumers to compare products.

Each project should be in its own paper separated.

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