Identify for this product a specific target market group they should focus on. In your description of the target market, you also need to address where you believe this group of individuals would most likely purchase this type of dog treats.

 Business Marketing

Please read the scenario listed below then provided a thoroughly, well-developed paper, carefully following the directions.

Each question should be thoroughly answered and supported with relevant reference material, using the proper terminology appropriate for a graduate level course, and showing all work for questions that call for calculations.

***Please, only number the answers consistent with the question numbers.
***Do NOT include the questions within the document.***

Please note:
You should remain mindful of all the marketing concepts that were developed in the entire course.

Fresh Dog Treats is a newly developed company that is focusing on catering to the premium pet market. Specifically, the company is creating gourmet/organic grain-free fresh dog treats. While these treats are similar to some treats offered on the market currently by such companies as FreshPet, one of the biggest differences is the packaging approach. One of the limitations to FreshPet products is the product must be refrigerated in the store, which limits the number and types of retailers that will adopt the product. Most stores do not want to put a refrigeration unit in the middle of their pet food aisle.
Fresh Dog uses aseptic packaging that only requires the product to be refrigerated after opening. This will allow the product to be displayed in the normal pet aisle without the requirement of the refrigeration unit. As the company progresses forward with this product, there are several marketing issues that have not been resolved.
Your task is to assist them in this decision-making process. Please respond to the following decision points for the company:

a: Identify for this product a specific target market group they should focus on. In your description of the target market, you also need to address where you believe this group of individuals would most likely purchase this type of dog treats.

b: After calculating the cost of goods sold, the company has determined that the cost per 8 ounce bag of treats is approximately $2.97. The company desires a 40 percent contribution margin on each package sold. They also know that most wholesalers in this industry use a 32% mark-up and many retailers maintain a 25% mark-up as well. Following this channel and based solely on the calculations, what will be the price that the normal retailer will charge for the product? Reflecting on the psychological aspects of pricing and specific pricing tactics theories, what would your final price recommendation be? Support your answer. How would the price vary based on a price elasticity of 0.3?

c: Design for the company an appropriate promotional campaign for this product based upon your described target market. Be specific in your discussion. Be sure to address the influence of the brand will have on this component of the marketing strategy.

d: Discuss how the aspects of differentiation and positioning will impact the acceptance of this product by the desired target market. What must the company consider in terms of its products and the competitor products when entering the market?

e: Create a slogan for the business, less than 20 words, which captures the essence of the brand. Explain your rationale for the slogan. Then show how it should be incorporated within the brand image and integrated marketing communication plan.

An “A” paper will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant topics, completely discuss each of the four points of the paper, use terminology appropriate to the topic, and use word choice, spelling, and sentence structure appropriate for graduate-level work.

*** The assignment needs to be single spaced, not double spaced. Thus, 4 pages requested will results to 2 full single spaced pages, excluding the title page, questions, and/or reference page.

***The paper will be critiqued on the technical part of your answer. The clarity and logical sequence of your response, and grammar and spelling.

***N.B.: Answering the questions accurately with all necessary information, in-text quotations, and proper references is vital. But most importantly, the work MUST BE ORIGINAL (replacing words with synonyms is still plagiarism), with own thought process please. If unable to provide original assignment, without plagiarizing, please do not place a bid.

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