4 pages research business paper

Question 1: (1 page, 1 citation)

Discuss what potential

sources of error

might be associated with the following surveys:

● In a survey of frequent fliers ages 50 and older, researchers concluded that price does not play a significant role in airline travel because only 25% of the respondents check off price as the most important consideration in determining where and how they travel, while 35% rated price as unimportant.

● Researchers who must conduct a 45-minute personal interview decide that they will offer $25 to each respondent because they believe that people who will sell their opinions are more typical than someone who will talk to a stranger for 45 minutes.

● A survey comes with a water hardness packet to test the hardness of the water in a respondent’s home. The packet includes a color chart and a plastic strip to dip into hot water. The respondent is given instruction in six steps on how to compare the color of the plastic strip with the color chart that indicates water hardness.

Question 2: (2-3 pages)

In February 2009, bushfires raced across the Australian state of Victoria, claiming lives and property. While rebuilding will take years, at some point after a disaster, it is time to get back to business. Suppose you are approached by the owners of several full-service wine stores in Victoria. They are uncertain about whether they should simply maintain the same positioning they had previous to the bushfires, and they would like a report within 60 days.

How could each orientation of qualitative research, namely, phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, and case studies be used here?

What qualitative research tool(s) would you recommend be used and why?

What are the ethical issues that you should be sensitive to in this process?

Make sure to include in-text citations and peer reviewed references in APA format

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