Brief the marketing research company on both the research objectives and the business objectives.

Research Objectives
There are two types of objectives: Business objective and Research objectives.
Business objective is the objective of the marketing project the research is for, it is the overall strategic
Research objectives are the detailed objectives of what you need to know e.g. attitudes, behaviour, usage
expectations, perceptions. Is it to understand, evaluate or explore (more qualitative objectives) or is it to
measure, record, or ascertain (more quantitative objectives).
Well-articulated research objectives are essential to a good research project even though they may be
extremely difficult to formulate. The client can assist the marketing research company by providing a
wider perspective on the marketing objectives by explaining the business objectives. So, in this section
the client should brief the marketing research company on both the research objectives and the business
Another important component of this section is to offer support to the marketing research company with
methodological issues. For example, if one of the broad objectives was to gain a better understanding of
customers’ emotions and feelings, the client could express a preference for qualitative type data. Be
careful though. Expressing too strong a preference for one methodology may result in newer or better
methodologies being removed from consideration.
This section is related to the discussion of Marketing Research Problem.

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