Provide a brief review of the selected food and beverage outlet and identify its current menu concept

Your task
Individually, you are required to review a menu from a food and beverage outlet that you frequently
visit. Please note that McDonald’s, KFC, Hungry Jacks and any other fast-food chains of a
similar standard are not be used in this assessment.
Assessment Description
The purpose of this individual assignment is to develop student skills in understanding the role of menu
planning and its importance in successful Food and Beverage operations. This will enable you to learn
the fundamental evaluation skills and will foster further understanding of hospitality services.
Assessment Instructions
Choose any food and beverage outlet that you are familiar with. Before making a choice, please conduct
preliminary research first to determine the availability of information. If you find that the number of sources
about your chosen food and beverage outlet is limited, please consult your workshop facilitator to discuss
an alternative. Once you have chosen an outlet, you are to review its menu by analysing the following
• Provide a brief review of the selected food and beverage outlet and identify its current menu
concept (250 words)
• Identify and evaluate the number of items, menu classifications, the variety of items, and item’s
nutritional value (250 words)
• Identify the potential issues in the menu design and propose an alternative menu concept. Justify
the reason behind your proposed redesign (300 words).
• Redesign the menu based on the identified issues and proposed menu concept.
• Include an image of the original and redesigned menus at the end of your submission. For those
students who are new to menu design, you can always play around with the following free
In preparing your menu review, you will need to use at least 8 sources of information that are
referenced in accordance with Kaplan Harvard Referencing Guide. These may include corporate
websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper

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