Undertake a macro-evaluation of a recent or current international development situation. Consider things like: Ebola in West Africa and DRC #Metoo movement in low-development regions South American Venezuelan diaspora

The ProjectEvaluation

Undertake a macro-evaluation of a recent or current international development situation. Consider things like:

Ebola in West Africa and DRC

#Metoo movement in low-development regions

South American Venezuelan diaspora

Australia’s regional offshore processing

Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries

Boko Haram in the Sahel

Response to civil war in South Sudan since 2014

HIV in Southern Africa

Sex Trafficking in South East Asia

AIDS orphans

Assistance to populations in eastern Ukraine

The plight of the Rohingas in Myanmar and Bangladesh

Humanitarian corridors in Yemen

The movement of Chinese peasants to the middle class

Mediterranean asylum seeker assistance

Initiatives in Timor Leste since independence


Please lodge your subject to the unit convenor by Wednesday week 11. Also lodge your topic to the discussion board. This small piece of work should include:

The topic

Five section headings

Two to three bullet points per heading

This project evaluation is produced any time after the main peak of activity, through too many years after the last activities have finished. Itshould carry all the necessarydetails of the international development project or campaign in order to capture the essence of the initiative, record its history and enable an understanding of what transpired so that lessons can be learnt for future projects. (Notwithstanding that a project evaluation may link to dozens of references, sub-documents andappendices in order to fully detail the finer points; they will not all be required for thisassessment.)

Please select an issue affecting a larger region that will have multiple reports so that you can build up a macro-level evaluation. The country or region and issue should be real and current. However, your project evaluation should be an original creation. So while it would be fine create an original evaluation of the combined impact of several refugee assistance ships working in the Mediterranean, it would not be ok to find an evaluation online by just one existing NGO and re-write it.

You are welcome to adopt a the persona of an employee of Canberra International Tri Development who is preparing this document in order to report back the the HQ in Canberra for records and future decision making. You are equally as welcome to the write from any other perspective.

Please choose an original campaign, either from the above list, or that is broadly in the International Development space that includes issues in Gender, Microfinance, HIV, Poverty, Rural Development and more generally to Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights or Nutrition.

The Project Evaluation should systematically consider the unit content that was presented in the seminars and developed in the workshops. While not every single subject covered in this unit needs to be explicitly discussed, the unit material should underpin the work.

A variety of references is desirable, including peer reviewed journals, evaluation reports from respectable international development actors, and media reports from reputable media outlets. (See https://canberra.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=27348166 (Links to an external site.)). The Project Evaluation must be fully referenced using APA or Harvard, correctly and consistently, and must include (at the end) a reference list of all sources used, in alphabetical order by author surname. Please follow the University of Canberra Library guides. https://canberra.libguides.com/referencing (Links to an external site.)

The recommended word length is 2500. 3000 words is the absolute maximum. There is no minimum, though work with less than 2000 words should be suitably enhanced with maps, pictures, diagrams, tables and budgets to demonstrate necessary effort. All these enhancements are encouraged.

A simple, plain formatting style and font is preferred, with all body text in black and white. Enhancements should match in style. Numbering should be in the format 1.1.

Submit to URKUND for text matching.

The project evaluation should consist of five parts. The parts are of equal importance, but may or may not be of equal length depending on the nature of the campaign.

Part 1: Introduction

Introduce your topic. Explain the where, when, who, how and why. If you wish, break this into 1.1 Brief Introduction and 1.2 Context.

Part 2: Monitoring and evaluation process.

Discuss what monitoring and evaluation processes are evident. Some may have been clearly stated, in many cases they may need to be interpreted out of more generalised descriptions. Gender, Social Impact Assessment and Participatory methods may fit into this section.

Part 3: Indicators and perception

What indicators have been reported. You may be able to come up with your own macro-indicators of the whole campaign. Feedback on any reports on how the campaign is perceived by the local populations and other stakeholders. Consider qualitative and quantitative indicators and their baseline.

Part 4: Project Management

Comment on any aspects of project management. Maybe reports exist that are explicit in explaining their methodology, in other cases they may need to be garnered through analysis. Make your own commentary on overarching co-ordination of the campaign.

Part 5: Conclusions

What is the status of the campaign now. What are the results, outcomes or benefits. What have been the ethical and political considerations. What have been key learnings for future international development projects.

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