(1) The sales manager would like to increase the sales price by 10 next quarter, what will be the projected revenues be for the 2nd quarter.

Master Budget Preparation)

You have been hired by the McClosky Corporation and they manufacture industrial dye. The company is preparing its 20X9 master budget and has presented you with the following information:

A. The projected December 31, 20X8, balance sheet for the company is as follows:


Cash $ 6,080

Accounts Receivable 29,500

Raw Materials Inventory 1,000

Finished Goods Inventory 3,200

Prepaid Insurance 1,800

Building $ 350,000

Accum Depreciation (25,000) 325,000

Total Assets $ 366,580

Liabilities and Equity

Notes Payable $ 25,000

Accounts Payable 2,650

Dividends Payable 12,000

Total Liabilities $ 39,650

Common Stock $ 200,000

Paid-In Capital 40,000

Retained Earnings 86,930 326,930

Total Liabilities and

Stockholders’ Equity $ 366,580

Other Information that is being provided to you:

B. The Accounts Receivable balance at 12/31/20X8 represents the balances of November and December credit sales. Sales were $90,000 and $85,000 respectively.

C. Estimated sales in gallons of dye for January through May 20X9 are as follows:

January 9,000

February 11,000

March 16,000

April 14,000

May 13,000

June 12,000

Each gallon of dye sells for $ 15

D. The collection pattern for accounts receivable is as follows: 70 percent in the month of sale, 20 percent in the first month after the sale, and 10 percent in the second month after the sale. McClosky does not provide cash discounts and they are not expecting any bad debts.

E. Each gallon of dye has the following standard quantities and costs for direct material and direct labor:

1.4 gallons of direct material (some evaporation takes place during processing) X $.90 per gallon $ 1.26

0.5 direct labor X $ 8 per hour 4.00

F. Variable overhead is applied to the product on a machine-hour basis. Processing one gallon of dye takes five hours of machine time. The variable overhead is $0.08 per machine hour. Variable overhead consists of utility costs. Total annual fixed overhead is $150,000; it is applied at $ 1 per gallon based on expected annual capacity of 150,000 gallons. Fixed overhead per year is made up of the following costs:

Salaries $ 110,000

Utilities 15,000

Insurance 1,800

Depreciation-factory 23,200

Fixed overhead is incurred evenly throughout the year.

G. There is no beginning Work-in-Process Inventory. All work is completed in the period in which it is started. Raw Material Inventory at the beginning of the year consists of 1,100 gallons of direct material at a standard cost of $.90 per gallon. There are 500 gallons of dye in Finished Goods Inventory at the beginning of the year carried at a standard cost of $6.28 per gallon; direct material, $.98, direct labor, $4.00; variable overhead $ .30; fixed overhead , $1,00

H. Accounts Payable relates to raw material and is paid 60 percent in the month of purchase and 40 percent in the month after purchase. No discounts are received for prompt payment.

I. The dividend will be paid in January 20X9.

J. A new piece of equipment will be purchased in March 20X9 and the cost is $12,000. Payment of 80 percent will be made in March and 20 percent in April. The equipment has a useful life of three years and will be placed in service on March 1.

K. The note payable has a 12 percent interest rate; interest is paid at the end of each month. The principle of the note is repaid as cash is available to do so.

L. The McClosky management team wishes to maintain a minimum cash balance of $5,500. Investments and borrowing are made in $100 amounts. (Even $100 amounts). Interest on any borrowings are expected to be 12 percent per year, and investments will earn 4 percent per year.

M. The ending finished goods inventory should include 5 percent of next month’s sales. This will not be true at the beginning of 20X9 due to a miscalculation in sales for the month of December. The ending inventory of raw materials should be 5 percent of next month’s needs.

N. Selling and administration costs per month are as follows: salaries $25,000; rent, $7,000 and utilities, $800. These costs are paid in cash as they are incurred.

O. The company’s tax rate is 20 percent.

Please note: You will be preparing a master budget for the first of 20X9 and the supporting schedules listed below:


Milestone 1:

Please prepare the following budgets:

A. Sales Budget

B. Production Budget

C. Purchases Budget

Milestone 2:

Please prepare the following budgets:

D. Labor Budget

E. Variable Overhead Budget

F. Fixed Overhead Budget

G. Budgeted Cost of Goods Manufactured

H. Budgeted Income Statement

Milestone 3:

I. Budgeted Balance Sheet

J. Cash Budget

K. Budget Presentation and please address the following questions:

(1) The sales manager would like to increase the sales price by 10 next quarter, what will be the projected revenues be for the 2nd quarter.

(2) The production manager would like to purchase new equipment for next quarter due to the fact that their competitor has purchased equipment which cost $50,000. Will the company be able to make the purchase or will you need more information?

(3) The CEO feels that the cash budget is not necessary, please explain to the CEO why cash budgeting is important to the organization.

(4) Please explain the to the management team how a competitor’s actions can affect business planning.

I need Milestone 3


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