Analysis of an Issue of Crisis Magazine

Instructions for Analysis of an Issue of Crisis Magazine

The Crisis magazine, edited by Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, was one of the most popular and important publications of the Harlem Renaissance. The magazine published articles on African-American achievements and successes in the arts, politics, and culture. The magazine also criticized Jim Crow and discrimination and reported on lynchings in the South. The advertisements are very interesting. There are many colleges advertised, since education was very important to African-Americans. There are also ads for businesses owned by African-Americans. “Beauty” was big business, and you will note many ads for cosmetics and hair products. People subscribed to the magazine from all over the United States. Folks from Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, California and New Mexico, although they lived far from New York City and Harlem, could still learn what was going on during the Harlem Renaissance. Other important African-American magazines were Opportunity, which published a lot of poetry, and The Messenger. There were also some important African-American newspapers that circulated all over the country. These included the Chicago Defender, the Pittsburgh Courier, and the New York Age. The African-American press made an important contribution to the Harlem Renaissance. For this assignment, you will write and submit a 3 page essay, double-spaced, on how a particular issue of the magazine reflects the ideas, goals, culture, aspirations, values and interests of the people of the Harlem Renaissance. Do you recognize any names of folks we have discussed in class? The advertisements are very interesting in what they tell us about people’s interests and activities. The photographs give a unique view of the people of the period. In your paper, you will discuss the ways in which The Crisis magazine encourages the positive self-esteem, political activism, and self-affirmation of the Harlem Renaissance. Be sure to mention the date and the month and year of your issue. Here are the instructions. 1. Go to My Sanjac: 2. Scroll to bottom of page; click on Library. 3. In the left-hand box, click on Research Guides. 4. In the left hand grey box, click on HUMA 1301, Harlem Renaissance. 5. In the left-hand blue box, click on Websites. 6. Click on second website down The Crisis Magazine. 7. Scroll to bottowm of page; next to photo of Dr. WEB DuBois, click the red button for “Archives.” 8. Under the bar that says “browse all issues,” click 1920, and 1930 and 1940. 9. Click on any issue between 1913 and 1940. Click on blue words: “Preview this Magazine.” 10. Pick one issue from before 1920, and one each from 1920, 1930 and one from 1940. 11. Read over the following sections of each of these 4 issues: • Editorials • Cover Art & Photographs • Advertisements (look at 3-5). • Articles & Politics • Literature & the Arts

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