Analytical paper based on Michael Johnston’s Deep Democratization theory

 You will be writing an analytical paper based on Michael Johnston’s Deep Democratization theory (textbook is attached). Johnston uses recent events such as the global economic crisis and the Arab Spring, to demonstrate that we can assess vulnerabilities to corruption and the effects of reforms, and use this information to identify potential new practices to control or even prevent corruption. He offers a fundamental reappraisal of ways to check abuses of wealth and power. You may state your analysis on any kind of corruption, or corruption in general (that may imply a rather deep issue within their culture). The paper must integrate wherever appropriate literature, theoretical explanation/elaboration, arguments, and issues are examined during the whole course. MOST IMPORTANTLY, this paper’s content should integrate the best readings around the paper topic. Library and online research are expected for this paper and it is IMPORTANT that the paper reflects research beyond the readings for the class (including your critical comments that reflect your learned knowledge from assigned readings). Please provide 4 or more references from scholarly sources such as journal articles, books, and/or governmental reports. Please try to consider that the reference cited in your paper is to strengthen your views/arguments, not just because the assignment requires 4 references. Such thinking will assist you to make better arguments in the paper.

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