“Color-Blind Society”

“Color-Blind Society” (pg.113) Is racism by White folks towards African-Americans and other minorities a simple process or is it a more sophisticated than we presume? See what the author proposes and what she thinks of the 2001 lecture by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, at Texas A & M supported by the Multicultural Leadership forum and Department of Multicultural Studies, about ordinary White people’s racist behavior. Please address the following points in a short paragraph(s): What is the main point(s) that made you relate to the content of the article? Can you provide an example (personal or otherwise) that illustrates the author’s analysis? Is there something you disagree with the author’s perspective?  Complete an 8-10 page essay based on a topic you propose which is related to the course content. You may select one or several of the weekly topics or propose your own, as long as it is a concept affecting ethnic and racial groups in the U.S. The essay should be original and up-to-date, preferably based on something you experienced or can relate to. Current events are always the best venue. Check out the Extra Credit EssayPreview the document guidelines to see a general format. Be sure to use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and save the document as “doc” or “rtf” format.

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