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What I want you do to: Propose a new harm reduction program in the Phoenix, Arizona community, and write a one-page program rationale for this program. The harm reduction program that you propose should address HIV, substance use, or both. You may choose to focus on one drug (heroin, amphetamines, prescription drugs, etc), substance use in general, and/or sexual health.
Why I want you to do it: In order to gain support for a new health education/promotion program, health educators need to provide justification for the program. The tool that program planners use to do this is the program rationale. You will gain valuable experience in writing a program rationale to address HIV and/or substance use.
How to do it: When writing the rationale, identify the health problem from both a global and local perspective. Explain both national and state data. Then, propose a solution to the problem. Use results of evidence-based practice (prior successful programs) to create your own harm reduction solution.

Setting up a clean-needle exchange site at the local Phoenix chapter of the American Red Cross
Implement a free “Door-Dash condom fairy” program in residence halls
Installing free female-condom dispensers in public restrooms and truck stops
Take-home Naloxone program for people hospitalized due to overdose

Detailed Instructions
Paragraph 1: Start off with a global (national) and then local (Phoenix, AZ) perspective of the health problem. Share prevalence and incidence data. Cite your source.
Paragraph 2: List other evidence-based practices (other programs) already in place in Phoenix to help address the health problem. If you cannot find Phoenix programs for your health problem, list and briefly describe national programs.
Paragraph 3: Explain your idea for a new program in Phoenix that addresses the health problem. Describe your idea in detail. Explain who this program is for (tailor it to a specific audience: college freshmen, inmates, sex workers, etc).
Include a References Page in APA format.

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