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MLA Format
TYPE: Exploratory
LENGTH: 5 paragraphs (w/ 5 sentences PER paragraph)
SOURCES: (NO researchable sources required)
LITERATURE to Consider:
“Two Ways of Seeing a River” by Mark Twain
TEXT: Sundance Reader (pg. 194)
TOPIC: Write a letter, beginning with the salutation: “Dear Reader.” Despite the fact that I am your reader, I want you to consider the “reader” as someone who is not familiar with your work.
(DIRECTIONS: In writing each of the following sections, compose general statements of observation and analysis and support them with specific examples from your written text or from your personal experience. The below outline will guide the student in what to write for each paragraph.)

Describe your development as a writer in this course, including the course’s challenges, your strategies for completing the course work, what you gained as a writer, and what you still need to work on.


Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your writing.

WRITING AND ME: (Paragraph #3)

Conclude by explaining where writing fits into your education AND your future career field.

COMP I and MY GRADE: (Paragraph #4)

In paragraph #4 of your letter, indicate what you feel your grade should be in this class. Explain why you should receive this grade, supporting your explanation with specific examples or illustrations.

NEXT SEMESTER Plans: (Paragraph #5)

In the conclusion paragraph, share your educational plans for the next semester and how you plan to accomplish these plans.

(My grade is currently a 92.98%)

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