(Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness, Agreeableness, Or Conscientiousness)

The essay should be in APA format and should discuss the required prompt. This assignment does notrequire a Title page or Abstract page, but does require a Reference page and in-text citations.
Each essay will review a different topic from the text and will also link each topic with Scripture. Each essay should have a word count of at least 500 words.
Using the Jerry Falwell Library, select two full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal articles that directly relate to the topic for each essay. The textbook may be used, but does not count toward the two required scholarly references.

Essay Topic

Examine McCrae and Costa’s 5-factor model of personality. Pick 1 of the factor’s listed (extraversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, or conscientiousness) and describe 1 person in Scripture that you would consider to be high in that area and 1 person in Scripture that you would consider to be low in that area. Please use the same factor for both people and support your stance with Scripture.
Selecting Appropriate Journal Articles
If you need assistance finding scholarly journal articles, click here to learn how to navigate through the Jerry Falwell Library.
When searching Liberty University’s online library, from the Jerry Falwell Library home page, select “Advanced Search” and be sure to select the appropriate dates (within the last 7 years). Under Show Only select the following: “Items with full text online”, “Scholarly materials, including peer-reviewed.” Under Exclude from results: select all three options. To find useful articles, narrow the search by selecting, keywords or phrases to use as your search parameters.
The articles researched must be from scholarly journals. It is preferred that the journal have the word “Journal” in the title (Journal of Marriage and Family, etc.). Ideally, each journal that you review should have a Methods section as well as Data, Results, and Conclusion sections, but these sections are not required. Please note: You may not use book reviews, magazine articles, or online articles that have not been published in scholarly journals.

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