Financial markets homework help

All written assignments, including the project, should be
Typed, double spaced
Include a cover page
Subject matter listed in a
bold header
“Work Cited” page (if applicable) noting the source of the information.

Property Marketing Review Paper :
(two pages maximum.
Use the data mining software directions (in
the Contents tab) to produce the following information.
You will need this link in order to collect the data
mining info:
Follow the “Data Mining” Directions in the D2L Contents tab.
Identify a food service establishment in your area (your place of employment can be an option if
it’s not a food service establishment & it’s approved by me) and review their:
Menu Descriptions
(include alcohol)
(to go? Take out? Curb-side service?)
Specific demographic target market
– use the data mining software to show specifics:
Map of five-mile radius
Demographic groups targeted- use the data mining report (“Complete Demographic
Summary Report”) to show estimated specifics of the estimated demographic
Demographic age groups
you think the business targets:
Baby Boomers? Gen Xers? Parents with kiddie parties? Rave parties?
Retirees? Club goers? Sports fans?
Household income of those groups
that would allow them to dine out
Traffic count of closest road
– what is the lifestyle of the customers, or how much do they spend per household on food & Bev outside of the house? Use the data mining report (“Consumer
Expenditure Food Beverage Grocery Detail Summary”)
Summarize the groups:
For the Nexton-located restaurant, Hall’s Chophouse, they would likely promote to
demographic groups with certain characteristics located in Summerville, Ladson,
Lincolnville, Goose Creek. They would also promote to businesses who want meeting
space. (Data mining report: “Business Summary Repor

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