Media Literacy – Asian Representation in Media (stereotype, etc.)

Introduction, Literature Review, and Bibliography The first stage of the research project is to complete and submit a Research Project Introduction and Literature Review with Bibliography, in the form of a document, which includes the following elements: Introduction Research question Media representation group and media content examined Relevant communications theory. Discuss the communications theory or ethical principle you will use to explain or guide your enquiry and analysis. Literature Review and Bibliography Complete a literature review and bibliography. Submit analyses for three peer reviewed research scholarship resources. You will select, read and write about three different academic resources. Read and analyze other scholars’ published peer reviewed research literature related to your research question, media representation area, related media effects, or applied theory. Write a literature review, that includes a page of detailed analysis for each of the three authors’ work. Describe in detail and discuss the authors’ research results and meaning, relevant to your research. Journalism and web resources properly cited may be used in the online presentation but not in your literature review. Always include a complete bibliography, which lists each resource in APA style.

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