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this lab is related to my last lab which I attached
Please label each answer with the appropriate number corresponding to the problem number below and press “return” after each answer to leave a blank line between values to make your thoughts more readable.
Before answering the questions below, please read the lab handout “Physics 161 Lab 5

1) Explain the changes implemented in the experiment for Part 2 to yield better results.
2) Explain how you think each change improved the calculated results.
3) Using data from one of your experiments, calculate the uncertainty of gravitational acceleration using error propagation rules and the uncertainty on each measured value. You can use the “Statistics Handout” to help you with this calculation.
4) Find the average and standard deviation of the gravitational acceleration for the 10 experiments for Part 1 and the 10 improved experiment runs for Part 2. Do the statistical results from these two parts show improvement from Part 1 to Part 2?
Due after 18 hours



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