Psychology homework help

Read chapter 9 in the Barnett et al. Textbook

1.What are your attitudes toward MFIPV perpetrators? Are your beliefs and attitudes similar to those held by the public at large?
2. Do you believe that batterers want to stop their battering? Explain your response and cite to the course materials.
3.Discuss your thoughts on why some couples can quarrel and resolve an issue while another couple can quarrel and it results in physical abuse.
4.What types of behaviors typify psychological/emotional MFIPV? Do you think it would harm you more to be slightly pushed a couple of times a week or to be humiliated or degraded once or twice a week?

You can also read Tutty, L. M., Bidgood, B.A., Rother, M.A., & Bidgood P. (2001). An evaluation of men’s batterer treatment groups. Research on SocialWork Practice, 11(6), 645-670.
You can read Buchbinder, E., Eisikovits, Z.(2008). Doing treatment: Batterers’ experience of intervention. Children and Youth Services Review, 30, 616-630.

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