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1) The Themes button is in the Document Formatting group on the ________ tab of the Ribbon.

A) Home

B) Insert

C) Design

D) Styles

2) The ________ align option positions text an equal distance from the left and right margins of a document.

A) Left

B) Center

C) Right

D) Justify

3) A picture from a file is inserted into a document ________.

A) at the beginning

B) at the bottom

C) in the paragraph containing the insertion point

D) before the paragraph containing the insertion point

4) When the insertion point is between the first two paragraphs of a document, and text from a file is inserted into the document, the text is placed ________.

A) before the first paragraph

B) between the paragraphs

C) after the second paragraph

D) in a new document

5) When a graphic is selected, a(n) ________ contextual tab is added to the Ribbon.

A) Format

B) Layout

C) Design

D) Edit

6) The mouse pointer changes from a single arrow to a four-headed arrow when the mouse is positioned ________.

A) in the left margin

B) in the right margin

C) over a graphic

D) over text inserted from a file

7) When the position of a graphic matches that of other objects in a document, such as margins and headings, ________ are displayed to help the user move the graphic precisely.

A) sizing handles

B) floating objects

C) anchors

D) Alignment Guides

8) When a picture is selected, text wrapping options can be accessed through ________.

A) the Layout Option button

B) Alignment Guides

C) the Layout contextual tab

D) anchors

9) An image can have a realistic shadow effect if all shadows are ________.

A) the same width

B) on the same side of the image

C) the same color

D) set to glow

10) The ________ feature shows how a style affects the appearance of an image when the style is moused over in the Picture Styles gallery.

A) Print Preview

B) Review

C) Live Preview


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