40 all of the following are inputs source documents to the sales process except a sa 4311117

40.All of the following are inputs (source documents) to the sales process except:

a)  Sales order

b)  Shipping notice

c)  Remittance advice

d)  allof the above are source documents to the sales process

41.Business organizations are recognizing the value of sales data and are purchasing software solutions to gather, maintain, and use these data to provide better service and promote customer loyalty. These software solutions are called:

a)  Customer relations data solutions

b)  Customer relationship management solutions

c)  Sales data management solutions

d)  none of the above

42.Which of the following outputs (reports) are common to both the sales process and the purchasing process?

a)  Sales analysis reports

b)  Financial statement information

c)  bothsales analysis reports and financial statement information

d)  none of the above

43.   All of the following are inputs (source documents) to the purchasing process except:

a)  Purchase order

b)  Vendor listing

c)  Bill of lading

d)  all of the above are source documents to the purchasing process

44.   Which of the following is an objective of the purchasing process?

a)  Collecting information for the financial statements

b)  Making timely and accurate vendor payments

c)  Forecasting cash requirements

d)  Tracking bills of lading


45. Which of the following statements best describes business process outsourcing?

a)  A company focuses on its core business processes and contracts with another firm to do the other processes

b)  Companies frequently outsource core business processes

c)  Due to networked enterprises and advanced technology, more employees may work from their homes or alternate locations

d)  Initially, companies engaged in business process outsourcing to offer employees more opportunities to travel and more career choices for advancement

46.   Networked enterprises and globalization have enabled a new business model called “business-without-boundaries.”  Which of the following statements describes this business model?

a)  Companies no longer have all of their employees in one location

b)  It is called offshoring and companies contract with firms in other countries to do such business processes as human resources, payroll, and accounting

c)  Companies are under a great deal of scrutiny to manage costs and generate revenue so they contract with foreign firms to do various business processes at a lower cost to the company

d)  all of the above statementsdescribe this model

47.   Which of the following statements bestdescribes a business process?

a)  It is a collection of activities in an organization that creates value

b)  The nature and type of processes might vary from industry to industry

c)  It is an activity that increases and/or decreases dollar amounts on the financial statements

d)  It is an economic event in the life of an organization

48.   Which of the following Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions is most often associated with the sales process?

a)  Enterprise resource management

b)  Integrated management

c)  Customer relationship management

d)Supply chain management

e)  none of the above

49.   Much of the input and output related to business processes is now electronic.Which of the following technologies is becoming increasingly popular to manage inventory?

a)  EDI

b)  RFID tags

c)  Magnetic ink characters that can be quickly and easily scanned

d)  Bluetoothand wireless-enabled laptop computers


50.When companies outsource business processes to other countries, such as India, and the Philippines, it is often the case that workers in those countries:

a)Gain job prestige

b)Enjoy a better quality of life

c)Have higher income

d)all the above

51.Which of the following is a benefit to corporate executives when a process is outsourced?

a)Day-to-day process management responsibilities are deleted

b)More time to explore new revenue generation activities

c)More time to focus on recruiting and training personnel

d)Changing customer demands are no longer a problem


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