Contracts Continued

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The Happy Gilmore Country Club conducted an annual Labor Day golf tournament. Mercedes Benz offered to give a new car as a prize to anyone making “a hole in one on hole no. 8.” The golf course of the club was only nine holes. To play 18 holes, the players would go around the course twice, although they would play from different tees or locations of the second nine holes. On the second time around, what was originally the eighth hole became the seventeenth hole. Scooter was a contestant in the tournament. He scored 3 on the no. 8 hole, but on approaching it for the second time as the seventeenth hole, he made a hole in one. He claimed the prize car from Mercedes Benz. The latter claimed that Scooter had not won the prize because he did not make the hole in one on the eighth hole. Decide who prevails.


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