Discussion2(chapter5)Discussion Boards are graded based upo

Discussion2(chapter5)Discussion Boards are graded based upon your ability to relate thecourses material to the topic under discussion, the level to which you supportyour point with specific examples and your writing.  Discussion Boards arenot a place to over generalize, vent, use informal writing or use language notappropriate for a professional environments. Be sure to provide citations for where you draw yourinformation.  If you need help writing a citation, please contact theSUNYCantonWritingCenter.  Either MLA or APAformats are acceptable. This discussion board requirestwo postings. TheSummaryof Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District isknown as the Beige Book.  The Beige Book is published by the FederalReserve system 8 times a year.  The publication provides an overallsummary of the state of the US economy as well a summaries for the 12 FederalReserve Districts.  The 12 districts are known by their regionalheadquarters or Federal Reserve Bank.  The districts are 1 Boston, 2 NewYork, 3 Philadelphia, 4 Cleveland, 5 Richmond, 6 Atlanta, 7 Chicago, 8 St.Louis, 9 Minneapolis, 10 Kansas City, 11 Dallas, and 12 San Francisco.  Ifyou will notice, I have assigned a number to each region. Locatethe Beige Book on the web.  In the most current publication, read theoverall national summary and the regional summary for the region thatcorresponds to your birth month.  I was born in October so my region wouldbe number 10 Kansas City.  After reading the two summaries you have beenassigned, write at least a 150 word posting that identifies how you regionalsummary compares to the national summary.  Include in your posting in whatways the your region matches the nation and in what ways it does not. This is the first posting you need to do.  After reading postings on otherstudents, select one to respond to.  You must select a posting that wasnot from the same region you had.  Your response should be at least 150words.  Your response should identify the similarities or differencesbetween your region and this second region.Discussion3(chapter7)Two postings are required forthis discussion board. The social costs of unemployment are sometimesoverlooked.  Use the internet to research the social costs of unemploymentin the USA and other countries.  In at least a 200 word posting, discusssome of the similarities and differences that you found.  After readingthe postings of other students, provide a second posting to this discussionboard in which your state which similarity or difference you found mostsurprising and why?  Yoursecond posting must be at least 50 words.Discussion4(chapter8)Two postings arerequired for this discussion board.  Technological changes often impacteconomic growth.  Find a current news article about a recent technologicalinnovation.  Summarize the news article in a paragraph.  In addition,state how you believe this innovation will affect the U.S. productionpossibilities frontier.  Include a rationale for your statement. Select another student’s article to discuss how the innovation will affectemployment.  Which type of workers do you believe will be harmed, andwhich will benefit?Assignment 2(Chapter 2,3)Youranswer does not have to be in an essay format.  However, you need to writeat a college level.  It is expected that it will take you more than onetyped double spaced page to answer the following.  Oneof the tools or models economists use is the production possibilitiesfrontier.  Using the production possibilities frontier:· explainthe law of increasing opportunity cost and its relationship to the shape of theproduction possibilities frontier· usingthe concept of comparative advantage and the production possibilities frontierexplain why nations trade even when they could produce the product on their own· explain what would happen to the USA’sproduction possibilities frontier if all illegal immigrants holding jobs in theUSA were deported.Assignment 3(Chapter 6)Your text has defined a method tocalculate GDP as C+I+G+(X-M)Go to the USDepartment of Commerce’sBureau of Economic Analysis websitelocated at http://www.bea.gov/index.htm. Click on the National GDP for the latest release for data.  Use theinformation provided in the article to identify what the percentage change hasbeen for any three of the variables (C,I,G,X, or M) used to calculateGDP.  Be sure to provide citations to identify the exact latest releaseyou used.  Without this citation, I will not know what release to reviewwhen grading your assignment.Assignment 4 (Chapter7)Unemployment varies from region to region.  Write a one page to two page,double spaced essay in which you accomplish the following:a.identify the area you call homeb.identify which type of unemployment (seasonal, cyclical, frictional,or structural) is the biggest problem in your home areac. defendyour choice by providing specific examples, statistics or factsd.suggest one government program that could be instituted to address this type ofunemployment in your home area.Assignment 5 (Chapter8)In the fall of 2016, an election forPresident of the United States will be held.  At the moment there areseveral people seeking a nomination to run for President of the United States. Select one of these candidates.  Write a two page double spacedessay in which you1.  summarizethe candidates proposed policies to assist the United States with futureeconomic growth2.  provideyour critique of this policies.  Be sure that your paper focuses onpolicies for economic growth and that you cite the sources used.  Yourpaper MUST be submitted as an attached Word file, a docxfilein Blackboard.  If the paper is not submitted as an attached .docx file,you will have a grade of 0.  Please do not email the paper to me or putyour paper in the text box for the assignment.  Most of you have beensubmitting work correctly all along.  Thank you for that.  The few ofyou that have not, need to start.

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