Hi, Im working on some applied decimal and percentage probl

Hi, I’m working on some applied decimal and percentage problems and I’m stumped by the following questions-• ‘The atmosphere at sea level is approximately 19% oxygen. How many cubic feet of oxygen are contained in 5ft^3 (five feet cubed) of the atmosphere?’•’Approximately .003% of seawater is salt. How many grams of salt are contained in 1,000,000 g of sea water?’•’According to a soft drink industry magazine, companies in the United States spend about $4,500,000,000 every year to package their products. They spend only $800,000,000 on the ingredients. What percentage of the total of these two costs is for packaging?’•’The federal government awarded $3.3 billion in relief funds to Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina. Of that amount, $825,000 has benefited poor residents. What percentage has benefited poor residents?’•’The list price for a textbook is $55. A retailer pays the publisher 20% less than the list price for the text. How much does the retailer pay the publisher for the text?’•’The price of a certain Honda is $30,000. The hybrid version is $33,600. What is the percent increase for the hybrid version?’•’The price of an old laptop computer is reduced from $1500 to $1200. What is the percent decrease in the price?’

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