I can only attach the 5 screenshots, however there are 5 mor

I can only attach the 5 screenshots, however there are 5 more – 50 questions total. I will send the rest once your bid is accepted. These questions are either cut off on the screenshots. Please be sure you are strong with Business Law and can get at least 80-85% of the questions.2.) Mabel is a single 40-year-old who has borrowed money on numerous occasions. Her payment record has been good, except she has been delinquent in paying a few bills. Which of the following is true regarding credit information gathered on Mabel?a. Since Mabel has been delinquent, she waives her right to see the credit files.b. Mabel’s delinquencies can be reported by credit reporting agencies for a period of twelve years.c. If Mabel is rejected for a loan because of the consumer report, the lender must tell her the name of the agency that supplied the report.d. Mabel has a right to have the information regarding her delinquency in paying a few loans stricken from her credit record because her record has generally been good.11.) The Solomans own a cabin on the south side of Mount Henry. One day, the Solomans told Bennie and Claudia they could live in the cabin and use it as they wished until the Solomans wanted to use it again. Twelve years later, the Solomans informed Bennie and Claudia that they were going to spend the summer at the cabin and that Bennie and Claudia would have to make other arrangements for the summer. Bennie and Claudia claimed that they had acquired title by adverse possession, because they had occupied the property for the period of time required for adverse possession under state law (10 years in that state). Are Bennie and Claudia correct?a. Yes, Bennie and Claudia were living on the property with exclusive, open possession for a continuous period of time for the required 10 years.b. Yes, Bennie and Claudia had the Solomans’ permission, therefore the possession was not illegal.c. No, Bennie’s and Claudia’s possession was with the Solomans’ permission and therefore the claim was not adverse to the Solomans.d. No, there was no warranty deed transferred to Bennie and Claudia.#30)Darcy buys a life insurance policy on her own life, under which she pays the annual premiums. The insurance is issued for a specific period, but is renewable for similar periods. Darcy is covered only as long as she makes the payments. There is no cash value portion to the policy. Darcy probably ownsa. key-person life insurance.b. an annuity.c. whole life insurance.d. term life insurance.16) Electronic payments via a telephone, computer, or wire transfers are not regulated by the government. True or False?

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