I have 3 paragraph that I want to chang it form to first per

I have 3 paragraph that I want to chang it form to first person. my paragraphs should continue these paragraph.Now that I am awake, have eaten, and ready for the day, I have a lot of work to do. I am a very powerful person so I have basically everyone under me that I can control to do most of the work I don’t want to do. I love the fact that I am on top of the social hierarchy because that means I can do what I want and have others do everything else. I don’t have to do the labor intensive things. I own all of the land so it is my job to make the laws that we live by. I also collect all the taxes, and lead a defense against anyone who dares try and challenge us. I also play a big role in the temples. It is my job to represent the gods. I will talk to the gods and they talk back to me, then I will communicate what they said to me to my people. In order to keep the gods pleased, I will perform rituals and build them large temples to honor them. Along with all of the work I have to do, I also have to prepare for my death and start building my tomb so I can continue my journey in the afterlife.Like many Pharaohs before me, I will build a pyramid. This pyramid will be huge so I can show my power and everyone will remember me. Most importantly, it will serve as my tomb after I die. This pyramid will be complex so grave robbers will hopefully not be able to enter and steal all of my fine treasures I will be buried with. My tomb will stand strong in any condition so my legacy will live on and I will not be forgotten. It will withstand any weather condition and the test of time. I already have very trusted people that work for me, so once I pass away in this world it will be their job to prepare me for the next world. I want to become a being that will survive in the afterlife so my body will have to be recognized by my spirit. I know my people will do a good job to preserve my body. Attachments: medicine_.docx

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