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Objective 4

1) Shadow data can exist in tools other than spreadsheets, such as user-developed databases.

2) Data storage for shadow data is kept in a centralized location in an organization.

3) Software called ________ translates data analysis query commands into commands that are compatible with RDBMS commands.

4) Businesses are turning to complex mathematical formulas, called ________, to analyze data to make better decisions.

5) Quantitative data answers which question?

A) What?

B) How much?

C) Where?

D) Why?

6) Shadow data may be stored in

A) MS Access

B) Lotus Notes

C) Emails

D) All the above

7) Shadow data is vulnerable to

A) Data analysis

B) Unauthorized access

C) Data collection

D) Manipulation

8) Open Database Connectivity

A) Performs analysis on shadow data

B) Performs analysis on data in a relational database

C) Provides a visual image of the data

D) Translates query commands into commands compatible to RDBMS commands

9) An analysis tool NOT designed for software spreadsheets is

A) AutoFilter

B) PivotTables

C) Subtotal

D) Neural networks

10) A shadow data dashboard in an Excel spreadsheet can be created using

A) AutoFilter and PivotCharts

B) Conditional Formatting and Subtotal

C) PivotTables and PivotCharts

D) PivotTables and Conditional Formatting

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