Simple writing and one outline-01

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Part 1:

Please answer each of these three questions in three paragraphs, 5-8 sentences per paragraph:

1. What does Parenti (see attached file) mean by the concept of so-called ‘failed states’? Explain this concept, and provide an example, explaining why this is a ‘failed state’. You may parenthetically cite Parenti as you deem necessary, however please put your explanation in your own words. Remember that throwing in a quotation and not explaining its significance or breaking it down further will not answer the question.

2. In what ways has neoliberal restructuring, in part driven by the state, led to the establishment of failed states? Explain what this process is and how it has occurred, in your own words. You may use examples of where this has occurred to help you. For example, I recommend that you begin with phrasing such as “Failed states are caused by neoliberal restructuring because…”. You will need to think about these ideas, and the cause and effect relationships based upon the knowledge you glean from the text and the other material for this week. You will have to understand and explain the idea of neoliberal restructuring as well to better answer this question, so there are several points here.

3. In your opinion, and based upon your reading of the material, are there issues with the label of the ‘failed state’? Does this help or hinder solving the inequalities that these countries experience? Explain your reasoning.

Part 2:

Write one a research paper outline, here is the research topics:

Your choices are (but are not necessarily limited to):

Coffee, Tea, Loaf of bread, Rice, Soy beans (you may choose tofu, whole soybeans for human consumption known as edamame, or for animal feed), Europium (rare earth metal), Timber (choose specific type), Chocolate, Natural gas, Avocados, Beef, Bottled Water (commodified water), or Coconut Water.

Step 2: Do some background research on the commodity, using sources like newspapers and academic articles (at least FIVE sources), and think about the following questions:

  • What is the issue/s with your commodity?
  • What are the main points of the articles?
  • What is the main issue or problem(s) being addressed?
  • What different “sides” of the issues are presented?
    • Who are the main stakeholders regarding the commodity?
  • What is the conclusion reached by the author?

Step 3: The significance of your research:

Ask yourself: Why did you choose this commodity? How is it related to globalization and development? How is it related to everyday life?

Step 4: Select a concept

Choose any one concept from the term. You are to choose the concept that you think relates the most to your commodity or that you feel is the most interesting. There is no ‘correct’ concept; you choose. Many of the course concepts will apply to your commodity. Your objective is to select one and explain how/why it is relevant for your commodity choice and how it helps to understand your commodity. This will require you to go beyond the sources provided from the course.


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