Week 8 Assignment: Personal Development Plan

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Among Christians, sometimes the concept of “planning” seems to conflict with the practice of being “led by the Spirit of God.” Although it is absolutely critical that we seek God’s guidance and direction in all we do, scripture provides ample support for the practice of planning (see the appendix to the attached Personal Development Plan Assignment file). No one would argue that the function of planning is not fundamental to good business practice. We would argue that it is also fundamental to our personal growth and development as individuals.

This course is designed to move you beyond good intentions to action and personal growth. The Personal Leadership Development Plan (PDP) will take you several steps further by giving you the opportunity to create a practical plan of action in the areas of educational, vocational, and career growth.

In the PDP, you will articulate your vision, dream and/or sense of calling for the future and develop a minimum of 3 goals – a 1-year goal, a 3-5 year goal, and a 10-year goal – that will move you forward in the vision/dream/calling you have for your life.

Take some time now to read the attached Personal Development Plan Assignment documents. You are encouraged to begin thinking through its sections and exercises now while you have time to prepare for them. It is strongly recommended that you begin your work on the PDP early, even if it is note-taking and recording ideas.

Using the attached template, finalize your Personal Leadership Development Plan and submit it using the link above.


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