Why flouride is really harmful to teeth and body.

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4: Long Analysi

Final Draft DUE (Printed on Designated FINALS day)
Week of August 2-8
EGL 1010-XD-02 DUE by Friday August 7th 11:00pm via Blackboard

The final paper should include the following elements:

  • An introduction in which you provide a brief background to the issue, indicating its significance.
  • A clearly stated claim/thesis at the end of the introduction. This will be your opinion about the issue, but do not say “In my opinion”.
  • A statement and rebuttal of differing opinions on the issue.
  • Your own argument in support of your claim. Your argument should comprise reasons and evidence for holding your opinion.
  • A conclusion that leaves your audience with no doubt about your stance.


Building on what you wrote from Short Paper 3 you will expand your analysis. You are expected to cite at least five (5) outsidesources. You should have already read and analyzed relevant sources in your annotated bibliography. Feel free to use sources you did not include in your annotated bibliography. Remember a strong paper, will have a strong thesis statement.

Please note the final product should be a thesis-driven research paper, not a book report, which simply states facts and research. The goal is offer a clearly stated thesis that uses outside sources and analysis as support.


Use the MLA formatted documentation style. Remember to be consistent in both your in-text citation and works cited entries.


  • To practice skills in carrying out basic library/internet research
  • To practice and demonstrate ability to incorporate source materials into an essay for the purpose of supporting a claim/thesis.
  • To demonstrate ability to organize and develop a coherent scholarly argument.


  • Proper heading (top left-hand corner with student name, course number, assignment and date)
  • Centered original title
  • 6-8 pages typed and double-spaced
  • No extra spaces between paragraphs
  • No cover sheets
  • No templates of any kind; paper should be typed in a blank Word file
  • 1-inch margins all around
  • 12-inch font (Times New Roman)
  • 3rd point of view only
  • 5 outside and reputable sources
  • MLA parenthetical citations
  • Works Cited page if sources outside of the textbook are used (does not count towards page limit)


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