Writing Assignment 1 Article Summary and CritiqueChoose one

Writing Assignment 1: Article Summary and CritiqueChoose one of the articles posted on Blackboard to summarize and critique. The purpose of this article summary is to expose you to an original research source while allowing you to delve further into a topic that relates to psychology.In your summary, please make sure to address the following points:a) At the top of your paper make sure to include your name and the APA style reference for your paper as follows:Author, A., & Author, B. (date of publication). Title of paper. Source of paper, issue, page range.ExamplePazda, A., Prokop, P., & Elliot, A. (2014). Red and romantic rivalry: Viewing another woman in redincreases perceived sexual receptivity, derogation, and intentions to mate-guard. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40, 1260-1269.b) An overall summary of the key aspects of the paper (e.g. idea being debated, hypotheses, participants, methods, results). This should be complete enough that someone who hasn’t read the article would be able to understand what was being evaluated, how it was being evaluated, why it was being evaluated, and what the conclusions of the paper were and why.In your critical evaluation of the research paper, please make sure to answer the following questions:c) In terms of the results, did the study provide support for the hypotheses? Fully? Partially? What unexpected findings did this study uncover?d) Were there any weaknesses to the study’s methodology that you can think of (e.g. biased sample, gender issues, participant or experimenter bias, confounding variables)? Did the researchers suggest alternate explanations that may explain the pattern of data that they found in this study other than their theory?e) What practical applications can you see from this paper’s findings? How could it be used or potentially abused in the real world?f) What other study could you design to answer questions about this theory or hypothesis that the current study didn’t?Papers should be 3 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman font. You may use headings if you wish to organize your review but your paper needs to be written in complete sentences NOT POINT FORM. Papers are due by Friday***Note that handing in the same article summary, one that bears an uncanny semblance to another student’s, or a summary that is clearly a cut and pasted shortened version of the original article all constitute PLAGIARISM. This is true regardless of whether two people are handing in similar papers in the same class or in different ones. Papers on the same article will be compared and cross-referenced within and between my classes. All students are expected to comply with the university’s academic honesty policy found at http://web.usca.edu/asc/academic-integrity.dot. This website clearly explains what constitutes/how to avoid plagiarism – “not knowing” is not an excuse.

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