Which style of parenting is ​hardest​ on children’s development?

According to the material presented in class, what are the ​three dimensions of parenting identified by research?

Question 1 options:

Love, clarity, and democracy.

Demands, supports, and challenges.

Love, limits, and autonomy support.

Faith, hope, and charity.

Caring, sharing, and communication.


Question 2 ​(3 points)

What is the definition of​ “autonomy support”?

Question 2 options:

Letting children do as they please and learn from their mistakes.

Maintaining a tight rein on children’s activities.

Encouraging children to express their authentic self and find their own path.

Avoiding conflict so as not to alienate youngsters.

Providing children with a role model to follow.


Question 3 ​(3 points)

Which statement would an ​authoritative​ parent be most likely to make?

Question 3 options:

“I really don’t care what you do.”

“Let me tell you why it is important to listen to me.”

“Because I said so. That’s why.”

“Well, I’ll let you get away with that just this once.”

“Let me do that for you.”


Question 4 ​(3 points)

Some people are relaxed, easy going​ indulgent/permissive parents ​who don’t want to break their children’s spirit with any sort of parental limits or

demands. They believe that ​“total freedom is the best thing for children.”​ Their children are likely to grow up to become adults who are:

Question 4 options:

free-spirited, self-reliant, creative, well-balanced, open.

self-centered, aimless, and irresponsible, with little sense of achievement or independence.

easily annoyed or irritated by others, unpredictably moody, and unpleasant to be around.

hostile and antisocial, alcoholics or drug abusers, and likely get in trouble with the law.

self-reliant, achievement oriented, cooperative and socially responsible


Question 5 ​(3 points)

Children of ​neglectful​ parents tend to be:

Question 5 options:


withdrawn and low in self-esteem.

close to their siblings.

easy to get along with.

shy and not ready for the real world.


Question 6 ​(3 points)

Which style of parenting is ​hardest​ on children’s development?

Question 6 options:







Question 7 ​(3 points)

What does a developmental systems (or transactional) view of

parenting suggest?

Question 7 options:

Parents influence their children.

Children influence their parents.

The marital relationship influences how people parent.

The family is part of the extended family system.

All of the above.


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