Whole Foods:365 Degrees of Commitment to Stakeholders

The report must contain the paragraph full headings as outlined below to separate the parts (i.e. Part I: The Purpose of the Report, Part II, Part III., etc.). No other order will be accepted. You must purchase a binder to place the materials in.

Case 14: Whole Foods:365 Degrees of Commitment to Stakeholders (p. 491-505)

Part IA: The Purpose of the Report and the Problem (one to three pages)

The Summary: Briefly introduce the topic of your scenario. Summarize the events that occurred in your scenario and your role.

The Purpose:  Identify the main point of your paper.

Why is it important for managers to be knowledgeable about this topic?

Part IB:  The Research Experience (one to two pages)

Part IB: Research Experience

Explain how you   performed your research for the project.  What libraries did you use?  (Plaza’s, Public Library or any other site).  Who assisted you at the library?  What books, periodicals (articles), websites, search engines, and databases were useful to you information literacy forms to help you with this section?  You may make specific mention of any research you have collected such as interviews.  (This section should be at least one to two pages.)

Part II: Relevant Research Pertinent to Solving the Problem (one to two pages)

In this section; Focus on the specific topic.

What from the case makes you curious or intrigued?

Why does this topic matter?

Reference outside sources.

Your paper should aim to explain rather than describe.

Provide insight into the issue

Avoid clutter focus on the topic

 Part III:  Potential Solutions (two pages)

 In this section, you will answer each question after the case study. Your paper should then focus on a single issue that stands out. You will dig beyond the surface and provide insight into the issue. Your writing should demonstrate a deeper level of understanding and an ability to make interesting connections.

Make sure that you have addressed all required information.

Part IV: Your Personal Perspective – Your Recommendation (one to two pages)

In this section after you identify the problem; make a recommendation. Provide evidence to support your argument.

What might you need to do as a manager as the result of your recommendation?

 After researching and considering the consequences, does this impact your personal perspective?  Explain.

Part V: Conclusion (one page)

Provide a conclusion that summarizes the main parts of your report. Summarize how you, as manager, intend to solve the problems in your scenario (your best recommendation).  Explain why it is the best recommendation.  How did you consider the opinion of others in forming your conclusion?

 What did you learn from your research that has influenced your perspective? Evaluate whether or not your thoughts about solving your problem have changed as a result of performing your research.

Your conclusion should be drawn from the report. No new information should be in your conclusion.

Was this a valuable research experience for you?

Create Appendices:

Appendix A:   Your Recommendation and Why

Appendix B:   Two Direct Quotes: 

                        Write the quote and the page # the quote appears on

  Appendix C:   PowerPoint Presentation:  Summary copy of slides with speaker notes. 

One of the slides should be an agenda.  Produce 7-10 slides.

Important Information:

In-text citations are important and go together with your Reference page. Your in-text citations must follow the format.  If you are not sure how to do this, please visit the Academic Resources Center. You should also use the in-text citation document found in shared files. Your instructor will assign a zero grade to your paper if you do not have the correct APA in-text citation. Your instructor will not be responsible for correcting APA format Times Roman Numeral 12 in your paper. This is your responsibility.  PLEASE VISIT THE ACADEMIC RESOURCES CENTER IN TIME TO RECEIVE HELP IN EDITING YOUR PAPER.

Reference Page:  This must be a part of the report, and not a separate document.  You should have at least five references, and your references must be cited in your report.  Center the heading Reference.  Do not type the word Page.   Place your Reference Page at the end of the report.

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