Zara’s supply chain

The paper is a research report on Zara’s supply chain. It should include 3000 words +/- 10% excluding the following elements: 1 the title 2 the table of contents 3 the bibliography 4 graphs, tables 5 personal details (name, student number, name of lecturer, etc.) The research questions are: The main research question for your advisory report is: What are disadvantages of Zara’s centralized and vertically integrated supply chain when targeting the Chinese market? This can be broken down into theoretical and practical questions: • What are pros and cons of different supply chain models? (theory related question) • What are the Critical Success Factors of Zara’s centralized and vertically integrated supply chain? • To what extent are these Critical Success Factors applicable to the Chinese market for Zara? The research will use two models, one is critical succes factors ( and the other one will be SCOR. The paper will require academic sources, which is described in the powerpoints I shall provide. For further information, I will provide powerpoints and an assignment description for guidance.

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