1. A psychologist is interested in how our visual perception

1. A psychologist is interested in how our visual perception can be fooled by optical illusions. Her subjects are students in Psychology 101 at her university. Most psychologists would agree there is nothing special about being a student that changes visual perception.  A sociologist at the same university uses students in Sociology 101 to examine attitudes toward poor people and antipoverty programs. Students as a group are younger than the adult population as a whole. Even among young people, students as a group come from more prosperous and better-educated homes.  Which of these is true? A) The sociologist has a nearly random sample of students, but the psychologist’s vision study is going to be out of whack. B) Statistically, each of the faculty mentioned can use her students as a ‘random enough’ sample of college students. C) Neither of these researchers should use her students as a random sample, since they are not literal SRS’s. D) The psychologist is safe enough to treat her students like an SRS (for studying optical illusions), but the sociologist probably should not.

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