1 The how The fbi Fights Cyber Crime video put in persp

1: The ‘ how The fbi Fights Cyber Crime ‘ video put in perspective That cyber space is a real word with real crime .the video shows me the need for cyber crime fighters are needed when more than 2100 atm Id are trageted internationally everyday all day with out a shot fired millions of dollars are from cyber bank heists that are . Its good to know their have been prosecuting and some arrested made . On a global scale law enforcement at a definite disadvantage against cyber crime period. 2:Jezreel, good post and yes, ‘cyber space is a real world with real crimes’ and from my experience, the Internet has grown so much, both, good and bad.  The rise of terrorism is also something to consider.  Jezreel and class, how have you seen the increase in crimes over the Internet?  Please give examples. 3: George, good post and yes, ‘we are building our lives around wired and wireless networks,’ I recall when wireless systems first came out and how easy it was to tap into a system with no passwords and how during this time, many users did not require a password.  George and class, what do you remember about wireless systems when they first came out and what makes a strong password? math 1174:When factoring polynomials you try to find a number that will divide into the polynomial. The highest common factor is the highest number in the problem that you can divide and still get a whole number. You know you found the highest one when you divide the factors and its a whole number. Greatest common factor would be the highest number when you divide them and no other numbers could do that.     5:What is the greatest common factor? How do you know when you have found the greatest one? 6:How do you factor trinomials of the form x2 + bx + c. Is there more than one way to factor this? Give an example and explain

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