11 a manual page break can be inserted into a document by clicking and then page in 4310948

11) A manual page break can be inserted into a document by clicking ________ and then Page in the Page Layout tab.

A) Orientation

B) Breaks

C) Margins

D) Spacing

12) Click the ________ button, in the Clipboard group, on the Home tab to insert a copy of the text or object stored in the Clipboard.

A) Show/Hide

B) Replace

C) Paste

D) Format Painter

13) Definitions are displayed in the ________ to help the user decide which suggested word is the correct replacement for a flagged error.

A) Spelling pane

B) Grammar pane

C) shortcut menu

D) Margin

14) During document proofreading, the suggestion to insert an apostrophe to indicate possessive use would appear in the ________.

A) Spelling pane

B) Grammar pane

C) Margin

D) Proofing pane

15) The Recheck Document button, which resets the Spelling and Grammar checker to flag previously ignored errors, is located in the ________.

A) Navigation pane

B) Proofing group of the Review tab

C) Tracking group of the Review tab

D) Word Options dialog box

16) The ________ lists words that have a meaning the same as or similar to that of the word being looked up.

A) Spelling pane

B) Grammar pane

C) Thesaurus

D) shortcut menu

17) If a document has several topics, and the first topic heading is set in 15-point bold Cambria type, the ________ button(s) can be used to apply those settings to all of the other topic headings.

A) Copy and Paste

B) Cut and Paste

C) Format Painter

D) Text Effects

18) To apply a group of formatting settings to multiple nonconsecutive sections of text in a document,  ________ the Format Painter button.

A) single-click

B) double-click

C) triple-click

D) right-click

19) The Format Painter is located in the ________ group on the Home tab.

A) Styles

B) Paragraph

C) Editing

D) Clipboard

20) Which formatting option is used to apply a set of decorative features to characters?

A) Text Effects

B) Highlight Color

C) Font Color


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