11 in a database a is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a 4310148

11) In a database, a ________ is a column or group of columns that identifies a unique row in a table.

A) field

B) record

C) file

D) key

12) In a database, columns that are keys of a different table than the one in which they reside are known as ________ keys.

A) foreign

B) discrete

C) relational

D) continuous

13) Databases that carry their data in the form of tables and represent relationships using foreign keys are called ________ databases.

A) foreign

B) continuous

C) relational

D) discrete

14) In a database, a table is formally referred to as a ________.

A) matrix

B) field

C) record

D) relation

15) Special data that describe the data contained in a database are called ________.

A) open matrices

B) primary data

C) metadata

D) closed matrices

16) A(n) ________ is a program that is used to create, process, and administer a collection of self-describing integrated records.

A) decision support system (DSS)

B) knowledge management system (KMS)

C) database management system (DBMS)

D) enterprise planning system (EPS)

17) Which of the following is a DBMS product from Microsoft?


B) SQL Server

C) DB2

D) Sybase ASE

18) ________ is a popular enterprise DBMS product from IBM.

A) DB2

B) Access

C) SQL Server


19) Which of the following is a function of the DBMS?

A) analyzing business data to predict future performance

B) eliminating bottlenecks in business processes

C) automating workflows in companies

D) processing a database by inserting or modifying data

20) The DBMS provides applications for processing operations such as ________.

A) sending and receiving emails

B) writing software programs

C) inserting or deleting data

D) automating business processes

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