11 the person s directly responsible for the attainment of organizational objectives 4302843


11) The person(s) directly responsible for the attainment of organizational objectives is/are

A) staff management.

B) line management.

C) both staff and line management.

D) the chief financial officer.

E) the internal auditor.


12) As teamwork has become more prominent in the last few years, the traditional distinctions between staff and line management

A) has increased.

B) has become more important relative to promotions.

C) has diminished.

D) has only been evident in the employee reward system.

E) has become less clear cut in the employee reward system.


13) The ________ is also called the chief financial officer.

A) controller

B) finance director

C) internal auditor

D) treasurer

E) chief executive


14) For which of the following areas is a chief operating officer (COO) typically responsible?

A) treasurer

B) non-financial operating functions

C) risk management

D) taxation

E) controllership

15) Which of the following individuals focuses on reporting and interpreting relevant financial information used to manage the company?

A) chief financial officer

B) controller

C) line management

D) treasurer

E) accounting manager


16) The person(s) responsible for providing advice and assistance to line managers is/are

A) the controller.

B) the chief financial officer.

C) staff management.

D) the treasurer.

E) the president.


17) Staff management includes

A) manufacturing managers.

B) human-resource managers.

C) purchasing managers.

D) distribution managers.

E) sales persons.


18) The ________ is primarily responsible for the quality of the information supplied in both internal and external reports.

A) COO (Chief Operating Officer)

B) CIO (Chief Information Officer)

C) treasurer

D) controller

E) accountant

19) Discuss the cost-benefit approach guideline management accountants use to provide value in strategic decision making.




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