11 which of the following is not displayed on the status bar a comments button b fit 4311412

11) Which of the following is NOT displayed on the status bar?

A) Comments button

B) Fit slide to current window button

C) Link to open other presentations

D) Zoom level

12) Bullet ________ are individual lines of bullet text on a slide.

A) points

B) details

C) levels

D) records

13) A(n) ________ is a hierarchy of bullets and sub-bullets.

A) alphabetic level

B) list level

C) chronological list

D) detail list

14) In the Replace dialog box, the ________ box is where you enter the replacement text.

A) Replace with

B) Locate text

C) Edit text

D) Find what

15) A font is measured in ________.

A) centimeters

B) leading

C) serifs

D) points

16) The ________ button center aligns text within a placeholder.

A) Justify

B) Align Left

C) Center

D) Align Right

17) Font ________ and effects emphasize text and include bold, italic, underline, shadow, and outline.

A) styles

B) face

C) pitch

D) lists

18) The thesaurus is a research tool that provides a list of ________.

A) homonyms

B) synonyms

C) antonyms

D) acronyms

19) You can correct spelling errors using the ________ or the spell check feature.

A) shortcut menu

B) index pane

C) Mini toolbar

D) Research dialog box

20) A slide's ________ is the arrangement of the text and graphic elements or placeholders on that slide.

A) layout

B) theme

C) style


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