2.From TaraProf. Comforti didnt know u were makin us writ

2.From TaraProf. Comforti didn’t know u were makin us write a paper over the weekend. I won’t be able to do it. I hop you don’t mind.3.From WalterProfessor ComfortI CAN’T GET MY PAPER DONE BY MONDAY. LET ME KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO.4.From CameronHey, Group 3Can you believe our instructor? She assigns a big writing assignment after one day of class! Who in their right mind would be remotely interested in sitting in their crummy little apartment writing a bunch of meaningless junk, when we haven’t even learned anything yet? What kind of teacher are we stuck with here? Somebody out there respond to me, OK? I’m totally hacked off!

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