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21) Automation of a process activity consists of moving work from the ________ of the symmetrical five-component framework.

A) computer side to the human side

B) data side to the procedures side

C) human side to the computer side

D) software side to the hardware side

22) Which of the following statements is true of using an information system to improve process quality?

A) The quality of performance analysis remains the same with the implementation of an information system.

B) Development of information systems should be done solely by technical personnel.

C) Information systems can improve process efficiency but not process effectiveness.

D) A process that uses a labor saving information system may not be efficient.

23) ________ is defined as recorded facts or figures.

A) Information

B) Substance

C) Data

D) Content

24) John's height is 6 feet 3 inches. This is an example of ________.

A) data

B) information

C) a record

D) content

25) The fact that Joe works 9 hours per day is an example of ________.

A) a record

B) content

C) information

D) data

26) Which of the following refers to information that is based on correct and complete data and has been processed correctly, as expected?

A) relevant information

B) measurable information

C) accurate information

D) timely information

27) A monthly report that arrives 6 weeks late is an example of information that is not ________.

A) timely

B) relevant

C) accurate

D) sufficient

28) Which of the following is a characteristic of good information?

A) It must be freely available.

B) It must be more than just barely sufficient.

C) It must be based on incomplete data.

D) It must be contextually relevant.

29) Which of the following statements is true about data characteristics of quality information?

A) Information systems that produce real time data are less expensive than those that produce data at a later time.

B) The timeliness of information can be measured against events.

C) Accurate information can be conceived from inaccurate data.

D) Data that appears on any Web page is reliable.

30) As the CEO of a call center, which of the following information is good information for you?

A) hourly variance reports of performance parameters in each queue

B) daily reports of call abandons due to system downtime

C) lists of stationery usage consolidated weekly

D) department-level averages of revenue generation figures

31) ________ information is information that directly pertains both to the context and to the subject.

A) Timely

B) Relevant

C) Measurable

D) Expensive

32) Which of the following statements is true regarding the characteristics of good information?

A) Information needs to be more than just barely sufficient for the purpose for which it is generated.

B) Information must hold an appropriate relationship between its cost and its value.

C) Accurate information can be based on incomplete data.

D) Good information is just recorded facts and figures.

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