21 which formatting option is used to shade the background of characters a font colo 4311147

21) Which formatting option is used to shade the background of characters?

A) Font Color

B) Highlight Color

C) Font

D) Bold

22) The flagging of an uncommon last name as a spelling error can be stopped by opening the shortcut menu on the first occurrence of the name and selecting ________.

A) Ignore

B) Ignore All

C) AutoCorrect

D) Spelling

23) EXCEPT for ________, all of the following are a text effect in the Font dialog box.

A) Small caps

B) All caps

C) Hidden

D) Outline

24) The option for adjusting character spacing is on the Advanced tab of the ________ dialog box.

A) Clipboard

B) Font

C) Paragraph

D) Styles

25) Font size and between-character spacing is measured in ________.

A) inches

B) centimeters

C) millimeters

D) points

26) One inch equals ________ points.

A) 25

B) 47

C) 72

D) 100

27) Which is NOT a feature of the Save As page?

A) Choosing a storage location

B) Choosing a folder

C) Publishing the document as a blog

D) Naming the file

28) Dialog boxes are launched from ________.

A) the Quick Access toolbar.

B) their Ribbon group.

C) a shortcut menu that appears when a Ribbon group is right-clicked

D) the Mini toolbar

29) Adobe Acrobat can be used to view Word files if they are saved with file extension ________.

A) .doc

B) .docx

C) .pdf

D) .html

30) One or more pages can be viewed without scrolling by ________.

A) adjusting the zoom level

B) changing the settings in the Print/Print Preview dialog box

C) changing the settings in the Word Options dialog box


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