3.2 The third phase of McLane Receiving Process

For the third phase of your evaluation, include the following items:

  • Review Figure 11.3 from your reading. Then evaluate your organization in relation to the categories as described in Figure 11.3 within your textbook. (For example, within the “Line of Business Managers” category, do the people in the organization represent a competitive differentiation? Does the organization hire the best and brightest?)
  • Review the concepts of the Strategy-led Approach, the Business-led Approach, and the Process-led Approach. Of these concepts, which most accurately describes how BPM activities are currently initiated in your organization?
  • Review the four implementation scenarios for BPM. Of these four implementation scenarios, which one most accurately characterizes the business process you are evaluating?
  • Provide any recommendations for changes you would advise.

Must have references

Jeston, John. Business Process Management. Available from: VitalSource Bookshelf, (5th Edition). Taylor & Francis, 2022.



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