How (MY aspirations regarding diversity, and specific actions I can take to realize my goals, etc.).

 Classroom Diversity Action Plan

I had a writer screw up the assignment last week. He wrote it as a research paper, when it should have been written about how (MY aspirations regarding diversity, and specific actions I can take to realize my goals, etc.).

Classroom Diversity Action Plan

A classroom diversity action plan is a written strategy for tackling inequality and

discrimination in your classroom. It is concerned with encouraging fairness, respect

and equality for all members of groups. It is a commitment to encouraging unity in


Your plan should specify the following:

  1. Goals (your aspirations regarding diversity)
  2. Strategies and actions (specific steps you can take to help realize your goals)


  1. Performance measures (how you can measure your progress in reaching your


In your plan you should address the following five categories:

  1. Teaching and Curriculum –what can you do in terms of your teaching and the

curriculum to ensure that it is inclusive

  1. Classroom Materials – what can you do to ensure that you have resources for

students that represent their culture and experiences.

  1. Classroom Climate and Management – How will you ensure that you create a

classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning for ALL students

  1. Your Personal professional development – what will you do to continue to

grow as a professional in terms of diversity and understanding culturally

responsive teaching.

o Include the results of your various awareness quizzes as data for your

rationale- use the info that you wrote about for the other assignments

in regards to understanding your own bias and understanding of


  1. Family Outreach – what will you do to involve families and make them feel


  1. Home-School-Community Communication- What will you do to effectively

communicate with families and make sure they get information in a way that

they will understand.

You must give research-based evidence for your ideas by:

  1. Citing at least 5 articles/books to support your ideas (use APA style)
  2. Reference page with at least 5 references

Structure of Paper:

  1. Teaching and CurriculumGoals


Performance measures

  1. Classroom materials



Performance measures



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