1. Recommend a product for the clients and explain your reasons for recommendation

Using the information contained in the Scenario below, please complete the following 6 tasks. You
must complete each task in order for your submission to be assessed. Omission of any one of these 6
tasks will be regarded as Not Yet Competent and you will then be required to resubmit this assessment in
1. Recommend a product for the clients and explain your reasons for recommendation
2. List the supporting documents that would be needed to support the loan
3. Complete a loan costing sheet *
4. Complete a loan servicing calculation (NSR) *
5. Download and complete the FHOG application form that is relevant to your
state/territory, from the internet (or print from Appendix 15)
6. Complete a loan application form (a blank Westpac loan application form has been
provided for you which you should use) and complete all of the accompanying
documents as provided for you.
Your answer to this Task should be prepared as if you were submitting a real loan application to the lender.
Please note: If there is information required on the application that is not supplied please improvise. The
application should be completed as neatly as possible to ensure ease of review. It is to be submitted to
NFI as if NFI is the lender and you were an accredited broker. If you do not submit in a professional
manner, your assessment will not be marked.
* Important: The fees and charges required in order to complete this assignment correctly (ie.
Estimate of Costs worksheet) can be found in Unit 7 (use your own state-specific section at the back
of Unit 7) and the instructions for how to complete the NSR form are in Unit 8. A Lenders Mortgage
Insurance Chart table (for your LMI calculation if applicable) is found in Unit 7. Trainees should
ensure Units 7 and 8 are used to source correct figures for this assignment.

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